Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Advisory Services (PAS) is a model way of investing smartly where clients seek professional advices on Equity Shares based on their risk profiles. As each client differs in terms of their investment goals, the stage of life, risk taking ability, time horizon of investment, return expectations etc, so is their portfolio. Our objective of PAS is to beat the benchmark (Sensex) by maximizing returns and minimizing risks.


Key Benefits of PAS-

  • A customized portfolio that best suits the investor in any one of the following portfolio type- Aggressive/Moderate/Conservative.
  • Equity research reports are provided of each security advised, as we ensure that our clients feel confident with their investments.Sample Research Report
  • A concentrated portfolio of shares having sound future growth potential that beats the Sensex.
  • We constantly review and monitor the portfolio advised throughout subscription period.
  • The money and shares remain with our clients, we only provide professional advices
  • Unlike mutual funds, no entry or exit charges and no expense ratios, only professional fees charged by us.
  • The investors/clients have complete control over the stocks and money.
  • No lock-in period, you can enter or exit anytime.


Our Investment Strategy for Different Investors

  • Aggressive Investors: A risk-seeking investor with longer term investing horizon, focus on growth and tolerance for short term volatility may fit an aggressive profile.
  • Moderate Investors: An investor with a longer term investment horizon, but with the need for both income and growth and a moderate level of risk tolerance may be in a moderate profile.
  • Conservative Investors: An investor with a short to medium term horizon, who is unwilling to take risks on capital and likes regular income may be said to fit a conservative profile.


Our Investment Approach to Equity Selection-

Our research analysis follow the Bottom-up Approach i.e. Company-Industry-Economic Analysis.

  • Company-specific factors are first taken into consideration like Understanding Business Model, Past 5-years Analysis, P&L and Balance Sheet Analysis, Quality of Management Team, Competitive Advantages, Growth Prospect, Peer Comparison, etc.
  • Industry Analysis is followed thereafter which includes Industry Growth Forecast, Market Share of Respective Company and its Peers, etc.
  • Economic scenario like Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy etc. are finally scanned which provides information on whether the economic factors are favoring the company or not.

How to Subscribe ?

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