• To whom do we provide Portfolio Advisory Services?

Our Valuable clients are Retail Investors, High Net-worth Investors (HNIs), Corporates, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs).

  • What is the minimum amount required for investment?

There is no threshold or minimum investment criteria for making investments and no bars for maximum investments.

  • What should be your investment horizon?

We consider minimum investment horizon to be of one year and above.

  • What is intrinsic value and how to calculate it?

The intrinsic value of an investment tool is simply the present value of all the future cash flows discounted at the specific interest rate. But in equity valuation we calculate through P/E Ratio, Dividend Yield, Price to Book Value Ratio, Return on Equity, Return on Assets, etc.

  • Why you should make investments? Why to have Equity Shares in your portfolio?

Investment is a way to build wealth and investments in equities have always given higher returns. The following research made by Morgan Stanley shows post tax returns from different asset classes-                                                    

  • What it takes to make gains in financial market?

  • Why your portfolio should consists of different asset classes?  

It has been observed that there has been negative correlation between different asset classes, for e.g., whenever equity market underperforms, the debt market outperforms and sometimes gold instrument also outperforms (like in 2008 market crash) and vice versa, so this strategy helps in maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

  • Why diversification is important? How much do we diversify in equity allocation?

The statement clearly explains, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. When it comes to equity allocation in your portfolio we only allocate maximum of 10% in a single equity stock and maximum allocation to a particular sector goes to 30%. We also recommend to have 10% allocation in Gold Instrument.

  • Do we provide tips for Intraday Trading and Futures and Options?

We do not provide intraday trading/hot tips whereas we do recommend F&Os only to hedge when the market is assumed to be highly volatile (like US elections in Nov 2016) which minimizes risk.

  • Do we make investments on behalf of our clients?

We do not make investments on behalf of our clients. The client himself/herself have to allocate funds as suggested by us through their own demat account.

  • Is there any investment which involves no risk?

No,Even keeping cash idle involves risk as it depreciates the value of money because of inflation. E.g., a product costing Rs.100 today would be costing Rs.107 after a year (if inflation is 7% p.a.). Even Provident Fund which was thought to be safest involves risk, the rate of return on PPF was 12% in the year 2000. Consider the change ever since:

  • Do we track your investments?

Yes, we do track the portfolios of our clients after every quarter and also  recommend the changes to be made if any, due to company specific or economic factors.

  • Is client’s risk profiling important?

Yes, we give it high importance as it helps us to know about risk taking capacity as well as risk attitude of the investor and on that basis selection of investment tools and its allocation is done.