What makes us different from other investment advisers?

  1. In Stock Market, many traders/investors know the price of everything but value of nothing, we determine undervalued equity stocks through various valuation methods.
  2. We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisers, which can be trusted the most.
  3. In case of any enquiry to anyone on buy, hold or sell a stock, we provide free advises.
  4. We only provide advises and the money remains with you.
  5. We charge Competitive Professional Fees for Portfolio Advisory Services.
  6. We provide “Premium Services” by constantly reviewing, monitoring and  rebalancing the portfolios of our clients.
  7. Smart Nivesh mainly focuses on long term investors not Intraday Traders, as we believe - "Traders or Speculators make profits for brokers whereas Investors make profits for themselves".